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    What will we do in the Divorce investigation for you to get evidence which will be producible in the court for further proceedings? - forensicdetective.club

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    Best Detectives Delhi is the only one agency where everyone have the full solution of any type of investigation such as pre matrimonial, post matrimonial, marriage investigation in india, marriage investigation in any country

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    Pre Matrimonial investigation Delhi is Best Detective services is widely sought after by families all over India and we are pleased to help them with this.

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    Post Matrimonial investigation agency in Delhi is a very demanding service in today’s life. If we calculate the figures of divorced investigation cases in Delhi or metro cities. There is more than 70% percent of families are facing domestic disputes.

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    Best Detectives is a number private detectives agency in Delhi for surveillance, investigators of best detectives are capabale to do it by charm. inq.forensic@gamil.com


Best Detectives in Karol Bagh Delhi

Best Detectives in Karol Bagh Delhi provides Investigation services which come through our investigative experience gained from invaluable experience. Our team of investigators have skills, understanding and all-round knowledge in the manner in which a case is approached, how evidence is obtained, and how to investigate a corporate investigation, matrimonial detective services, background verification case and a personal investigation mandate.

We can quickly preserve, collate and analyze data to provide clear and concise, evidence-based reports to board, management and regulators in accordance with the highest standards of accuracy, professionalism and discretion. We also provide you expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases.

Part Time Private Investigator-PI

Don't wait for the part-time PIs to return your phone call after they get off work from their other job. Rely on a private investigator that makes the job his full time business.

Since 1998, we are the Best Detectives private investigator and Best Detectives private detective that many Best Detective attorneys choose, as well as attorneys across the country when their needs bring them to Best Detective and the New Delhi, India area.

Primarily, we provide skiptracing (people locates), process service, and surveillance (cheating spouse/lover, worker's comp and personal injury), as well as witness interviews and select child welfare surveillance cases.  All investigations require a retainer.  More information on our process serving services is at www.forensicdetectives.in
If You're Shopping for a PI, Click Here to See if He/She is experienced in Delhi, New Delhi and All over India.

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Best Detective Team Investigations provides quality surveillance for infidelity, workers' comp, and personal injury cases.  With a background in radio and television and a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting & Film, Best Detective is adept with the use of video and still cameras, while making sure the evidence obtained is legal and court admissible.

Best Detective has provided surveillance services for most of Columbia's leading law firms and has also provided professional testimony.  Mr. Vijay attends conferences and seminars so he is constantly bettering his craft.  He is the founder and original owner of Best Detective and Forensic Detectives, which he has since sold, training literally hundreds of private investigators across the country.

All evidence gathered is obtained with the standard of protecting the target's "reasonable expectation of privacy".  That means obtaining only that video and photographic evidence that is public.  For example, it is illegal for any private investigator to videotape through the windows of someone's home.  However, once the target opens the front door, they are fair game -- on the streets, in restaurants, bars and grocery stores.

Cheating Spouse/Lover Surveillance and Potential Infidelity
If you suspect your spouse or lover is cheating, there is a great chance that you are correct.  However, whether you need the evidence to determine if you want to stay with them, for a divorce involving marital property or child custody, or just the peace of mind so you have the information you need, we have 25 years experience to help you.

Go to our website dealing with this type of case at www.forensicdetectives.in

Worker's Comp / Personal Injury Surveillance
Whether you need a glimpse into a "day-in-the-life" of the subject or just a few hours of surveillance, Vijay can help.  We will gather your evidence discreetly and in an ethical manner, without provoking the target or otherwise becoming a part of our own investigation.  We have long range video cameras for the mobile surveillance, as well as shirt button cameras and other discreet means of getting the evidence you need.  Find out if that back injury claim is legitimate by observing whether the subject leans over in the grocery store, bends over to pick up their dog after he does his business, or other activity.

In Personal Injury investigations, we can also interview witnesses, take photographs of accident scenes and otherwise gather the information you need to help you prepare for court.  As a former news reporter and student of the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, Mr. Vijay will be able to assist you.

About Our Best Detective New Delhi

About Our Best Detective New Delhi
About Our Best Detective New Delhi

As far as, New Delhi private detective is concerned, then, candidly, this is the outcome of sincere and honest attempts put up by many versatile intellectuals, who spent lots of time and energy in making a research to find a perfect detective source.

You must have visited many types of detective agencies in Delhi. Most of you must have used their processionals and services for your work. But, you can definitely find a difference, if you give us a chance to prove our caliber ability and worth through our quality work.

Today, we have come as a one stop solution for all kinds of problems. We have got some of the eminent professional detectives, who are highly qualified and having much experience with a sense to deliver quick and easy answer of any mystery. Our experts are made to pass through various conditions to give the quality result. This kind of treatment is very much essential for making them so strong and tough in all respects, so that, they can perform in the hardest conditions to maintain the quality of work.

Since, our team is capable of handling every risky situation, it has raised the vigor, and dynamism in a big way, so that we can wisely deal with a situation. With such traits, it is proved that our confidence is at the highest level and no difficulty or a risk can shake our ability and power.

All these things have inspires us to be optimistic to think positively, while attending a mission, so that there is hardly any chance of a fault or failure to get into our operations. Today, Best Detective is offering prospects to meet its rare species, which are very difficult to get, mainly in all the parts of Delhi and NCR region.

They are difficult in a sense, because, they never compromise with a tricky situation and never leave a work unattended, unless they are fully satisfied at their level by mixing the quality and consistency in their works. The second quality, which makes us difficult, is the expertise earned by using specialized tools and techniques to find a fact. Finally, the thing, which makes us different, is the availability of special vehicles used to deal with a mission.

By owning entire resources and means, we find no cause of any failure in our works and success has to be with us. As far as, our operations are concerned, we can proudly say that today, we are one of the well known firms for having the maximum number of operations and made a record of successful missions. We are having wide ranges of services, which are usually asked by the people during their course of official work or fun time. Since, it is true that a risk or a problem may come to you at any time and enter in your life without paying a warning or a signal for getting an alert.

We always pray that you don’t get any kind of problem, but, you fatefully, if get into a problem, then never forget to contact us at inq.forensic@gmail.com for a suitable advise or a service.

Post Employment Verification

Post Employment Verification

Post Employment Verification

Best Detective Agency in Delhi, India was established way back in 1998. Best Detective Agency has experienced professionals at your service for confidential and discreet investigation, about anything & anywhere.
Best Detective Agency is an organization which traces its beginning to 1998 by Mr. Vijay of this country and has vast experience in security and investigations, and his ability, sincerity and hard work has given his professionals the knowledge to perform their given task as good detectives.

He gives them training in the latest technology of investigations and the use of latest spy products. All cases are kept secret and confidential. Best Detective Agency offers a complete range of private investigation services for your business & personal investigations all over India and abroad. Our Investigation and services will provide you with information you need with video & audio proofs.
We are one of the leading private investigation organizations in India, which has carved its own place in the field of Private Investigations for banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations and individuals. Our office is located in Hyderabad, India. This office allows the organization to represent clients throughout the state and region. With knowledgeable, highly disciplined and experienced personnel, Best Detective Agency is the right choice for all your investigation needs in India and abroad.

Value Statement

Our detective and investigations are guided by RESPECT, HONESTY and INTEGRITY. These values are fundamental and must be extended to all employees, clients and partners. Because we strive to continually provide our clients with valued services, it is essential that we uphold the highest standards of COMPETENCE, PRODUCTIVITY and ACCOUNTABILITY through our management and training practices. We respect individual talents – but our TEAMWORK that galvanizes our overall success.

Our Private Detective Services in Delhi & NCR

Our Private Detective Services in Delhi & NCR
Our Private Detective Services in Delhi & NCR

At www.forensicdetectives.in, we have never fallen short in any respects and have entered with a bang to launch best investigation services. The area of our services has gone so big with an inclusion of all activity needs for a solution of personal issue, family matter and domestic violence cases.

This is not the end of our private detective services. Instead, this is a start to know about our easy process delivered from this end. Our activities are covering perfect analysis of a case, ample of site visits to observe the area, interview of related people, friends and neighbors to get the story to find a clue.

There is nothing to surprise, as, our all works are recorded through a miniature device and recording are given along with the final reports. In addition to that, we are always in touch with our client to give a feedback on minute change occurs in the matter.

We are fully co-operative to our client, in case, a client wants to make a change in the process during the course of the investigation. We are happily doing so. The most vital benefit of our service is its low cost. Since, we have given full value to our clients, so, it is our motto to ease them by giving the low budget and high profile detective services in Delhi and NCR region.

The brief description of some of our high profile services is given below:

Infidelity Investigations in New Delhi: The idea to launch such investigation is to allow the spouses to be sure of their partner’s illicit relation, if anything occurs between him and third party. If a spouse feels that her husband is in an extramarital affair and it has gone to a level that it is crushing their family life. Under such condition, we advise the spouses to get our easy service to verify the fact of such developments. Our experts intelligently monitor all movements by recording the information and give the full details to prove the matter.

Matrimony Background Checks: Our check has protected the life of many by giving the timely information of a party showing an interest to have an alliance. Our process includes the family background and personal details of bride or groom. Here, you can get academic records, past or present employment details and economic status of families for taking a decision to fix a marriage. Using our checks, people have secured their relations and found best life partner.

Employee Background Checks: Majority of employers has praised our check, since they have been able to secure their firms from cheaters. As, we provide total history of a candidate, which is used by employers to verify the worthiness of a person. Our checks can confirm the identity, character, academics financial position, past employments. It enables the firms to take a decision for finding the suitability of a person to a post, which is being offered to him/her. This way, an employer can get a good team for official works.

Locate Missing People: People usually go missing due to private or business reasons. As, they want to avoid their social duties. They find that evading their presence can allow them to avoid such obligations. It is seen people usually hide their location and address to get an escape. The missing person could be a debtor or criminal, who must be hiding to avoid giving his presence. Such cases are widely solved by us. We can offer the current contact details and address of a missing person without fail. What we need is a small hint or a clue of the same.

In addition to that we have got other prime services desired by people in Delhi:

Unfaithful Partner Surveillance
Workplace Activities Checks
Alimony Reduction Investigations
Child Protection Surveillance
Child Support & Child Custody Investigation
Find Birth Parents
Prominent Client Relation Program
Teenager or Child Activity Checks


Why do we need Pre Matrimonial Investigation

 Why do we need pre matrimonial investigation

The establishment of today's marriage is often based on a simple relationship of mutual affection, which is not enough. Because in today's society, the marriage is not perfect or even the divorce rate is so high, you can see one or two. Although there are many reasons for the unsatisfactory marriage, there are many problems that can be avoided before they happen. Therefore, the pre-marital credit is even more important. 

What is the other half: What is the background of the family? What is the credit and economic situation? Is there a debt? What is the learning experience? Is there a family history or a terrible history of congenital? What is the feeling of his family? Is there a criminal record? What is the status of dating in the past? Is there any bad habit? 

Professional Spy Equipment

Why do we need Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Is there a marriage record? Wait, the credit bureau can help you with a complete investigation. Premarital investigation is the best way to answer these doubts. Check the background and private life of your future partner. Including personal resume, education, technical level, work situation, political background, social relations, family situation, actual income, personality characteristics, living habits, evaluation of related people, morality of people.

Why do we need Pre Matrimonial Investigation

For your lifelong happiness, remember to do health checkups for your body, fearing that your body will be out of condition and give yourself a little more protection. Pre-marital credit is a necessary condition for the happiness of both husband and wife. In view of this, as long as the principal provides the basic information of the person being investigated, the pre-marital credit can provide the following six parts as a reference for future contacts or marriage.

(1) Whether the family background investment business is exaggerated or not.
(2) Whether the family has congenital diseases or mental illnesses that are inherited from generation to generation.
(3) Whether the investigation is related to the former male (female) friend and the broken line of the lame.
(4) Collecting records of whether there are any previous or bad records.
(5) Personal credit investigation and record of bank transactions.
(6) Whether the academic experience is false or not.

You can find out what kind of person you are by pre-marital credit, understand his financial status, make friends, and collect pre-marital letters to help you widen your eyes, see places you can't usually see, and investigate what you think. Things, don't say that pre-marital credit is not important, because pre-marital credit is the key to reducing the divorce rate. Before marriage, the credit can be exempted. Some people show their loyalty and honesty to the parties because they are greedy for each other's or family property. 

At the beginning of the communication, they show their loyalty and honesty. Once they get married, they will slowly reveal the true face and invade the parties. Family property, if the spouse is not ill-treated, or even violent, forced the other half to submit and receive alimony from the divorce. Some people also interact with smuggling and drug traffickers without knowing the smuggling. After all the emotions are invested, they find that the truth is regrettable. If there is a pre-marital credit, it can be exempted from this situation.

Now there are many married people who are deceiving the emotional money of others in the name of unmarried. It is only after the incident that they find themselves inadvertently become the third party of others. Pre-marital credit can save you from troubles. Pre-marital credits allow you to see each other before you pay for your life. Pre-marital credits can make your bets more stable.

Online Private Investigator

Online Private Investigator

Once, Thing before you hire a Best Detective agency in Delhi, India

You should know about the best detective agency in Delhi before choosing for your assignment, that is very important to you and will effect on your image after getting unsuccessful attempt. 

Private Detective Agency India offer personal investigation services at very affordable prices. The surveys are a type of personal inquiry made ??about a single person to get detailed facts and information on various issues such as credit, Employee, tenancy, insurance, marital issues, schedules, boyfriend / girlfriend, the child's education, etc. from various sources to real part under investigation. 

Online Private Investigator

Personal inquiries are made by private investigation companies dedicated information and include civil, criminal, or personal information for the purpose of corporate clients, legal or private. Public records include records of an individual filed or recorded by federal, state, local or other governmental agency, court cases, parking and traffic tickets, records, rental and insurance claims. These records can be mapped together to quickly give a full report on each person according to their personal data.

Personal Investigation Services
Know Job Profile and Salary of spouse
Know about the  Reputation in the work place
Get right information of Occupation/Educational background
Character and Daily Routine
Details of any criminal background
Right information about property of the subject and his/her family
Know about his/her Family Background and Financial Status
Get details  his/her Past broke and know unbroken marriage
Alcoholic, Smoker, Drug Abuse and other
Relations with any other people, Men and Women
 Get true information about Unfaithful Partner
Investigation Extra Marital Affairs
Find right details for Cell Phone Conversations to other peoples
Catch SMS Text Details

Online Private Investigator

At one time if someone close to you or not so close to you but owed you money suddenly went missing, after a certain time you would go the trouble and considerable expense of hiring a Best Detective agency in Delhi. He or she might have some contacts in a police force somewhere; they might well have been ex-police officers themselves. However by fair means or foul, chances were that they would come up with the information that you wanted, along with a good size charge for their efforts.

Nowadays, due to the wonders of internet technology, there are many circumstances where there is no longer a need to engage the services of these fine people and it is possibly to trace your missing family, friends or people who owe you money by accessing the same information databases that local and international police forces use. This might be looking up long lost relatives or classmates.

Recent legislation has taken the ability to access certain levels of personal information out of the almost exclusive domain of federal law enforcement agencies and to a lesser extent, private investigator. Through the internet, this sensitive but invaluable information stored on public databases has become openly available to everyone.

One of the major problems with this is that, despite the increased availability, there still many people whose knowledge of computer systems is not sufficiently strong to enable them to efficiently search the databases. They simply do not where or how to look. In this case, it may well be worth the expense to hire a more computer-savvy person to conduct the search on their behalf, and enlisting the services of an online private investigator.

More difficult would be finding the people who don't particularly want to be traced. People who owe money or have committed some kind of crime will certainly be interested in covering their tracks. If you do not know how to trace through layers of email accounts and government databases, you may find it faster to hire an online private investigator as a detective agency in Delhi. These trained professionals have honed their skills at delving past the anonymous appearing internet and can find almost anyone.

Through these methods people can be traced and usually fairly quickly and surprisingly easily. There are cases where people have deliberately gone missing, and have been traced. There are also a lot more cases where contact has been lost between loved ones and over the years it has been more and more difficult to trace these people whereabouts. There have been cases where brothers and sisters, or even children and parents have gradually drifted apart.

Maybe a family illness or bereavement will spark of the desire to rebuild ties that have been broken for decades or more. Within the minimum of information, families can be reunited within a matter of a few hours through the wonders of computer investigation. A quick internet search will return an online private investigator to help you with these searches at a fairly inexpensive cost.

On the reverse side of the coin, there are also cases where computer investigations can be put to good use in helping people not to meet with each other. This is especially true in another offshoot of the internet communication industry, online dating. Single people from all over the World can meet and get to know each other through the internet.

Almost all of us know someone who has met a partner and found happiness through online dating. However with every success story there are at least a hundred more that has ended in pain and disappointment. The online partner was not what he or she claimed to be, and in certain cases were confidence tricksters preying on the loneliness and gullibility of other people.

Some enterprising people have established web portals that blacklist men and women who have a previous record of leading people astray and not telling the exact truth of their circumstances. This just one of the examples where you can become your own online private investigator, there are so many others, all of them within easy reach.

Welcome to Best Detective Agency

Welcome to Best Detective Agency

The term “Best Detective” is defined by *****’s as one who commits “fraud” or one who “swindles”. Just as our name indicates, we are the nation’s private investigative experts in catching a fraud, or as private investigators often call them a “Best Detective”.  Best Detectives Agency has developed a national reputation for catching Best Detectives fast.  Regardless of whether the Best Detective is defrauding a business owner, defrauding the insurance industry, or swindling their own family through infidelity (as seen on TV), our private investigators are experts in bringing them to justice quickly. That’s why over 16,000 customers contact our private detective agency each month. When it comes to a private investigator catching a Best Detective…no one knows how to catch a Best Detective better than Best Detectives Agency!  Call us today, our private detectives are standing bye.

Investigation Division

Best Detectives are known world wide for their private investigative expertise in catching people who are cheating (defrauding) their employer, their insurance company, their friends, or even their spouse. Best Private Detectives utilize state of the art technologies and often custom-designed private investigative equipment to provide private investigator capabilities not otherwise available to most private detectives.  Their use of technologies such as satellite reconnaissance, nano-recording, GPS tracking, covert video transmitters, coupled with some of the world’s best private detectives makes the Best Detectives Agency uniquely capable and highly desired. When you need a private investigator to dig deeper and get better results, call the private investigators at Best Detectives  Agency, and see why they are contacted by more people and businesses everyday then any other Private Detective Agency in the nation.

Security Counseling

Best Private Detective Agency’s ‘Security & Security Consulting Division’ utilizes highly advanced techniques and highly talented specialists, with elite skill sets, to get security results for their clients everyday. That is why more private individuals, businesses, major corporations, and insurance industry leaders rely on the private investigators from Best Detectives Agency for nationwide security and security consulting. When you need a comprehensive approach to your security needs, look no further then Best Detectives Agency, the nation’s largest Private Detective Agency.

 Best Detective Agency in Delhi India

Reach Us- Best Detective Agency

The word surveillance comes from the French language and literally means "watching over". The term today is often used to describe all forms of observation or monitoring, regardless of whether it is conducted by direct visual observation or by more technical electronic means

Surveillance is a technical art that requires skill and cleverness to minimize suspicions of the target (person watched). Surveillance may be covert (without their knowledge) or overt (surveillance cameras with flashing reminders and monitors to remind all that they are being watched. With modern electronic and computer technology, surveillance has advanced in its sophistication and capabilities. Surveillance is often conducted in tandem with automated systems that improve its accuracy, but often the best work still requires a highly skilled agent at the helm.

Best Detective's Agency employs a vast amount of technologies and expertise to successfully handle your case. Each case often includes a combination of very high technology and relatively low-technology methods such as direct observation, observation with binoculars, and other similar methods. Sometimes surveillance can include these tools when appropriate and legal:

Eavesdropping in public places
Directional Microphones- Parabolic Microphones
Covert Listening devices or "Bugs" (only when legal)
Pinhole (thumbtack sized) Cameras
Closed Circuit Television
GPS Tracking
Electronic Tagging
CCTV Images
Internet and Computer Surveillance
Why of surveillance?

If you suspect your spouse might be having an affair, and want to find out if he/she is telling the truth; surveillance is a fast means of gathering facts.

Eavesdropping must only be done in accordance with local, State, and federal laws which typically requires that it be done only in public places where there is no expectation of privacy, such as a romantic cafĂ© or park. Often it may be done over telephone lines only if the party’s consent or with a court order in a criminal case. (Wire tapping) the laws are similar with email, instant messaging, and any other method of communication considered private. (Generally speaking if a message is publicly broadcast such as in an area open to the public, then it is legal to monitor). Messages and communication can be protected against eavesdropping by employing various security devices and techniques offered by our Security Consulting Division. These security services include bug detection / bug sweeps bug proofing, and full electronic countermeasure planning services. 

Surveillance tools or equipements, or "bugs", are not actually a communications way, but its' are a device that requires a communications channel. A "bug" usually involves a radio transmitter, a receiver, and a recorder.

Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. The original purpose of bugs was to relay sound. Today the miniaturization of electronics has progressed so far that even TV pictures can be broadcast via bugs that incorporate miniature video cameras. Best Detectives Agency maintains an elite staff of professionals ready to expertly locate and remove such devices that have been installed at your home or business.

Computer surveillance

In these technology driven times, computers have become a surveillance target because of the large amounts of personal information that are stored on them. Anyone who can access or remove a computer can retrieve valuable and often sellable information. If someone has access to a computer they can install dangerous spy software on a computer system, they can turn the computer into a surveillance device. So Best Detectives Agency can either protect your PC from attacks, detect if attacks have already been carried out, or install software to proactively watch what your computer is being used for in your absence.

GPS Tracking

We are experts in electronic tracking and regularly track people and assets Coast to Coast including such far off places as Alaska and Mexico. We have a full array advanced technologies to assist you. From covert tracking devices for vehicles that reports it location in real time, to reporting software able to report its past and present locations, travel routes, stops and starts. Or if you believed you are being tracked we are experts at uncovering such devices using our Counter surveillance and electronic countermeasures equipment and techniques. 

Our Websites

Contact Us

812-A Ansal Bhawan-16, Kasturba Gandhi Marg
Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001, India
Phone No. +91-11-41520444, +91-9958045226
Website: https://forensicdetectives.in/detective-agency-in-delhi/

Branch (Forensic): Karol Bagh Metro Station, Karol Bagh
New Delhi-110005, India

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